Ford Tire Center near Me

Ford Tire Center near MeIn order to keep your tires both healthy and safe, you need to stay up to date on all routine maintenance. Our Ford tire center is conveniently located near you, serving the Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry Township areas with eight different locations.

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your Ford tires in shape, check out this helpful article by the Baierl Tires team.

Essential Ford Tire Maintenance: Rotations

Tire Rotations near MeThe most common bit of maintenance for your tires also happens to be one of the most crucial. Tire rotations serve the essential function of maintaining good wheel grip for your Ford vehicle. They do this by spreading out natural wear evenly among all tire positions.

Let’s say you have a rear-wheel drive (RWD) Ford F-150 truck. Odds are, the tires on the back of the truck will wear down faster than those up front. To make sure the tread at all positions is the same, you should have them rotated regularly.

  • How often for Ford tire rotations: Every 10,000 miles or 12 months (whichever comes first).
  • Signs the time has come for a Ford tire rotation: Tire pressure loss, vibrations above 45 MPH, and added wear on half your tires.

Regular Wheel Alignments

Another very important type of tire maintenance comes in the form of wheel alignments. This is basically an adjustment of your car’s suspension. It can alter the angles of your tires to ensure they make even impact with the road.

How often you need an alignment is a frequent topic of debate. If you drive over bumpy, uneven terrain frequently or there are many potholes in your area, your alignment will need to be adjusted more frequently, but there’s no definite answer on when.

  • How often for Ford tire alignments: To be checked every 10,000 miles, but may only need to be performed every couple years or so.
  • Signs the time has come for a tire alignment: The vehicle pulls to one side, vibrations in steering wheel, or an off-center steering wheel.

When Is it Time to Replace Tires Entirely?

Tire penny testMaintenance will certainly help lengthen the lifespan of your tires. However, once the tread on them has worn down below 1/16th of an inch (it’s bound to happen eventually), they’ll need to be replaced.

You can check your tire tread depth at home using a penny. Stick a penny into the groove with Lincoln’s head facing downwards. If the top of Abe’s head is still visible, your tires should be replaced.


We’ll Take Care of Tire Replacements

When the time does come to replace your tires, our Ford tire center has you covered. We have a large selection of factory-direct tires from brands such as Michelin, Hankook, and many more.

Our all-inclusive tire pricing ensures you get a great value on your new set and that basic routine maintenance on them will be covered through us.

Schedule Your Next Ford Tire Service

When Pittsburgh, Wexford, or Cranberry Township drivers notice any of the signs listed above, that’s a surefire indication it’s time to schedule your next appointment at our Ford tire center. Contact the Baierl Tires team online or over the phone to schedule your next tire service or replacement!