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Here at Baierl Tires, we offer comprehensive tire-rotating services for our customers in the Wexford, PA, area. Keep reading this guide to tire rotation to learn about its importance, our process, and much more.

The Importance of Rotating Your Tires: Performance, Efficiency, Safety

So, why is it so important to have a tire rotation, anyway? Well, having properly rotated tires should yield multiple benefits for a car’s performance, efficiency, and safety. Here’s the deal with tire rotation.

When you drive, your tires are rolling across the pavement at thousands of rotations per minute—day after day, mile after mile. This is bound to significantly wear down the rubber over time, which is normal.

However, different tires that are in different positions on the car won’t wear down evenly, especially if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle. Rotating the tires (i.e. switching their positions on the car) could drastically extend the life of a set of tires, as well as boost drivability, fuel economy, and safety.

We suggest that you have this procedure done every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, if you’re driving on relatively smooth conditions. If you’re constantly driving across rough terrain, consider doing it more.

The Baierl Tires Way: Our Service Process

When you bring your vehicle into us, we follow a specific tire-rotation formula, depending on its drive.

Front-Wheel Drive: The front-left tire moves to the back-left position; the front-right tire moves to the back-right position; the back-left tire moves to the front-right position; and the back-right tire moves to the front-left position. Front-wheel drive automobiles often need this tire rotation process the most, so contact us!

Rear-Wheel Drive: The back-left tire moves to the front-left position; the back-right tire moves to the front-right position; the front-left tire moves to the back-right position; and the front-right tire moves to the back-left position. If this is all a bit confusing, don’t even worry. Instead, let our experts handle everything!

We’re also experienced with tires that have directional patterns, as well as vehicles that have different-sized tires on each axle. Drop us a line as soon as possible if you have questions about your tire layout.

Get in Touch with Us Today to Schedule Your High-Quality Tire Rotation!

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to tell you a bit more about our team of technicians at our Baierl Tire spots near Wexford. The men and women on our team have years of experience between them.

They’re focused on servicing your car efficiently because they know that you have an incredibly busy schedule. Not only are these repairs efficient, but they’re also effective since quality speaks louder than anything else. To top it all off, our technicians are courteous, as they’re consummate professionals in every sense of the word. Interested? Get in touch with us right now!

Simply call us on the phone, browse our locations on our site, or stop by one of our Wexford shops. We look forward to working with you!

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