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When you’re out and about driving around the area, you may take your tires for granted. However, if they’re not up to par, you’ll notice the difference in your drive: the car pulling to one side, decreased fuel economy, or an uneven ride. Baierl Tires is here to ensure your tires are always road-ready, and as a tire shop near Mars, PA, we’re proud to serve you.

Our tires, straight from the manufacturer, will be the right fit for your sedan, SUV, or light-duty or medium-duty truck. Select from the best brands at our tire shop and drive away confidently with your new tires.

Top-Notch Tire Care

Tire Inspection near Mars PAOur factory trained tire technicians provide complete tire services. If your tires need attention, we’re here to assist you.

Tire service includes:

Rotations. Rotating the tires ensures they wear evenly. It’s an important maintenance item to have done, about every 5,000 miles. The tires will be taken off and then placed back on the car, depending on the pattern required. It ensures all four tires experience different positions on the vehicle, so they wear evenly.

Balancing. Balancing is an important service because uneven wear and vibrations can occur if the tires aren’t balanced. When tires are properly balanced, your ride will be smoother, with increased comfort and even wear on the tires.

Alignments. If your vehicle seems to be pulling to one side of the road and the steering wheel seems tight and unresponsive to certain movements, an alignment might be necessary. When a car is properly aligned, you’ll have even-wearing tires and the fuel economy will be consistent.

An Expansive Tire Selection

Tires Mars PAWe’re proud to have a large selection of tires to select from at our tire shop. You’ll see brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Firestone, Michelin, and Yokohama. We’ll find the perfect match for your make and model, with different options like winter, performance, and all-season tires available.

We do offer a 30-Day Price Match on all tires. If you find the same tires somewhere else for a price that’s better, we’ll gladly refund the difference for you.

About Mars PA

There is indeed life on Mars here! The fun in Mars starts with the flying saucer parked outside the town square, which is always a fun photo op for visitors and even long-time residents. Mars truly provides a piece of small-town America, with many small businesses to support on the main drag in town.

Mars has seen a boom in recent years, with residential developments and commercial businesses that have set up on Route 228, just about a mile away from downtown. This growing town has become a Butler County hotspot in recent years, with so much to do in the area.

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Need new tires? Have a flat that needs a look? Baierl Tires is here to assist you. Our tire shop near Mars, PA, offers complete tire services. Find the tires that are the perfect fit for your car by contacting us today!