When to Balance Tires

When to Balance Tires Pittsburgh PAEvery driver knows that tires are a vital part of their car; after all, they support the weight of the vehicle and are the barrier between your rims and the road. However, many drivers still have some questions about how to properly maintain their tires in the Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry Township areas.

Proper tire maintenance includes alignments, rotations, and balancing, but many drivers aren’t as familiar with when or why balancing happens. At Baierl Tires, we want to help clear this up, so we’ve created this helpful guide!

When You Should Balance Tires?

Like most tire maintenance questions, there are several answers to how often you should balance your tires. First off, you should have your technician balance your tires whenever you take your car in for a tire rotation, which should be every 5,000 miles or so. You also want to balance your tires any time you get a flat repaired or you replace a tire.

However, you should also keep up with balancing if you start to notice some of the various symptoms your car may exhibit if your tires need balanced. If you feel a vibration in your steering wheel when driving on an otherwise smooth road, that is a good indication that your tires may have fallen out of balance.

Benefits of Balancing Tires

When you get a set of brand-new tires, you may notice a small metal clip along the rim and wonder what it’s for. Well, that’s for balancing your tire. New tires don’t always have equal weight around the entire tire, so your tire technician will work to detect that imbalance while installing them new.

While your tire installation will start out perfectly balanced, it won’t stay that way. Road conditions, normal driving, and the unexpected pothole will work together over time to redistribute the weight improperly. This can lead to uneven tire wear, poor gas mileage, and the feeling of vibration as you drive.

What Happens During Tire Balancing?

Getting Your Tires RotatedThe tire technician will then add weighted clips to your tire along the rim in order to smooth out the ride. If that added weight doesn’t work, it may be an imbalance in your wheel, in which case the technician will remove the tire from the rim and reposition it. The vibration test is repeated on each tire until each one registers as balanced.

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